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Virtual Program Archive

Missed the live program? We will post recordings of our virtual programs here so they can be watched on demand later! Click on the program title to watch the video.

  • Wilderness and America: (4/22/21) With Andrew Gulliford, Ph.D., Professor of History, Fort Lewis College. Wilderness in America has been an idea, an ideal, and finally it became a law in 1964 with Congressional passage of the Wilderness Act which preserves millions of acres of land in its primitive state.  Dr. Gulliford will review our history of wilderness, and how Colonial settlers feared it, and how advocates like Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Theodore Roosevelt, enthusiastically supported it. He will tell a few tales from the Weminuche Wilderness, which is out our back door, and he will show slides of a wilderness workshop held in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico.

  • Culture Through Cooking: North Africa: (3/31/21) Don’t let the pandemic damper your sense of adventure! Join in this culinary cook-along to discover an exciting new twist of flavor combinations, using spices commonly found in the pantry. Close your eyes, smell the aromas, and listen to the music. In this one hour interactive program with Nicole Clark, R.D, La Plata County CSU Extension Family and Consumer Science Agent, you’ll almost think you’ve traveled around the world to Northern Africa, where warming spices add a uniquely delicious flavor to your meal. Bring the family along and learn about the food and culture of a land far away!

  • Mediterranean and DASH Diet: (3/10/21) Don’t be put off by the word “diet. The Mediterranean Diet really refers to a pattern of eating- a pattern that few would argue is hard to follow. Best of all, there is strong evidence suggesting the Mediterranean Diet is beneficial for heart health. Plus, it’s full of flavor! Join Nicole Clark, R.D, La Plata County CSU Extension Family and Consumer Science Agent, to learn the basics of this meal pattern through an interactive cook-along. 

  • Give Your Energy to Movement: (2/24/21)  Whether you exercise or not, this program is for you!  Why?  Because movement has the potential to be a much more valuable addition to your life than exercise. Attend this one hour, interactive webinar with Nicole Clark, R.D, La Plata County CSU Extension Family and Consumer Science Agent, to learn the science and psychology supporting this statement. Once your brain is convinced that movement may be your ticket to better health, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a brief demonstration to show you how easy it is to get started.

  • Chocolate, Good for the Heart and Soul: (2/10/21) Who doesn’t need a good excuse to eat chocolate? You’ve heard it can be good for you, but is there any truth to it? Join Nicole Clark, R.D, La Plata County CSU Extension Family and Consumer Science Agent, so you can better explain to your friends and family why chocolate is good for the heart and soul – just in time for the biggest chocolate holiday of the year! This mouth watering discussion includes a cook-along to make a delicious chocolatey treat – for your health.

  • Finding Happiness in the Age of COVID-19: (1/25/21) The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to question how we are living and everything we hold dear. Join Dr. Brian Burke, FLC Professor of Psychology and 2020 Best Educator in Durango, as he unpacks the psychological science regarding what we know about how to live a good life for the era we are living through. What might psychologists know that might help us to live our best life?

  • Bullet Journaling: (1/13/21) Bullet Journaling is a simple and customizable system that helps you organize your life, stick to your goals, and increase your productivity! Download the handout.