Connecting Community

Staff Directory

Mary Curtis
Community Outreach Specialist
ext. 525

Michael DeBello
Library Assistant
ext. 510

Claire Harvey
Library Assistant
ext. 510

Rachel Jenkin
Local History Specialist
ext. 513

Brenda Marshall
Library Director
ext. 515

Darcy Poletti
Assistant Director
ext. 522

Lisa Paulek
Library Assistant
ext. 517

Summer Sanford
Children’s Enrichment Coordinator
ext. 512

Becky Van Den Berg
Young Adult Services Coordinator
ext. 516

Nisargo Troy
Library Assistant
ext. 510

Lydia Wacasey
Acquisitions and Cataloging Manager
ext. 518

Michaela Wilson
Public Services Librarian
ext. 524

Lisa Stone Zabka
Tech and E-Materials Librarian
ext. 507