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Senior Planet Virtual Essentials Program

The Library is launching a new program to help older adults in La Plata County navigate the world of technology. In partnership with Senior Planet, a national nonprofit which harnesses technology to change the way older Americans age, the library will be offering a FREE five week “Virtual Essentials” program for those over 60 years old. The program will run twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11:15 AM) starting February 23. All sessions will be run via Zoom. New to Zoom? Give the library a call and we will help you get started!

Please call the library at (970)884-2222 ext. 1 for more information and to register for the program.

Topic will include:

Curious why Zoom has become everyone’s go-to video conferencing software? This
lecture will go over how to use Zoom to chat with friends & family, and take virtual
classes with Senior Planet! You’ll learn about useful Zoom features, whether you’re
connecting with an iOS, Android, or Windows device. The lecture will also go over
security considerations and give tips on how to look your best during a video chat.

This presentation will cover the ins and outs of how to protect your personal
information online. We’ll cover tips for staying safe in cyberspace, like safe browsing,
how to recognize online scams, and when it’s OK — or not — to share your personal
information online.

Online shopping lets you buy products on the internet from your computer and have
them shipped to your home or anywhere! Online stores often have larger inventories
and lower prices, so you can quickly find the best deal. This lecture will provide a
general introduction to shopping online for everything from dish soap to groceries
using the popular website You’ll learn how to search for products, make
comparisons, and add items to an online shopping cart.

The internet can be an excellent source for learning more about your or a loved one’s
health. This presentation will introduce you to the topics and tools offered on two
reputable websites, MedlinePlus and Mayo Clinic. You’ll also learn how to evaluate
health-related information online.

Interested in having a virtual visit with your doctor? Or learning about types of
telemedicine out there? This lecture provides an overview of telemedicine options and
focuses on exploring virtual medical appointments with your doctor in real-time. You’ll
see a virtual-visit walk-through and learn what to expect from an appointment. This
lecture offers advice about how best to prepare for a virtual visit, from questions to ask
your doctor to your concerns regarding connectivity, privacy, and insurance.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and aware. You can practice mindfulness
through simple activities. This lecture introduces mindfulness and its physical and
mental benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving memory, and lowering blood
pressure. You’ll learn about popular apps that teach breathing and meditation
techniques, as well as new technology like wearable breath monitors and smart yoga

Social media sites make it easy to share content and connect with other people online.
In this presentation you’ll get a general introduction to social media and learn about
some of the more popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Concerned about fake news? In the digital age, anyone can publish anything on the
internet. This lecture will provide a helpful explanation for the increase in the use of
the term fake news, as well as give you some tools to evaluate news sources. We’ll also
review popular fact-checking sites.

Text messaging has become one of the primary ways we communicate. But did you know
that you can send texts over the internet? Learn about the most popular messaging
apps that allow you to send texts for free when connected to WiFi. The lecture will go
over the features of three widely-used apps: iMessages, Hangouts, and WhatsApp. You’ll
learn about sending texts and pictures, making voice and video calls, and how these
apps keep your messages secure.

You’ve probably heard about drones. This lecture will cover the basics about drones:
what they are, who uses them and why. We ’ll also touch on some of the exciting new
ways drones are being used–from delivering Kindles and popcorn via Amazon Prime Air
to delivering much needed medicine to remote areas of Africa.