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Pine River Library Youth Services

Thriving children and families create a thriving community.

Pine River Library Youth Services is dedicated to supporting lifelong learning for children from birth through young adulthood. We believe in empowering Bayfield’s children, families, and caregivers with the resources, materials, and programs they need to achieve full-spectrum literacy. 

Our Staff

Kate Brunner
Children’s Services Manager
ext. 512

Becky Van Den Berg
Youth Services Manager
ext. 516

Drop by any time to chat with Becky (teens) or Kate (kids) about our programs, services, and materials for parents, caregivers, and kids and teens!

Fast Facts About PRL Youth Services

  • In 2019, PRL Youth Services provided 526 programs for children and teens with over 6,000 attendees, ages 0 to 18.
  • The Children’s and Teens sections of the library contain almost 9,000 books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs for children and young adults.
  • Early learning activities and resources for children 0 to 8 are designed to foster full-spectrum literacy development in young children, providing them with print literacy skills, along with digital, civic, cultural, health, and social-emotional literacy skills, as well.
  • We gear our programming towards inspiring youth to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) learning in dynamic, hands-on ways, encouraging them to explore career & college readiness skills in an applied manner.
  • We are regularly awarded grants to help fund our diverse array of children’s & youth programming. Our evidence-based afterschool programming is learner-driven and includes Crazy 8’s Math, Code Club, and Robotics. Coming fresh in September 2020 we will host the national Thinking Money for Kids program, a museum quality, self-directed, totally interactive exhibit designed to foster financial literacy.
  • PRL Youth Services cultivates active community partnerships with the Bayfield School District, the Early Childhood Council of La Plata County, the Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County, and many more child/family-focused organizations in our area.

Children’s Program Attendance Behavior Agreement

The Pine River Library staff welcomes children at the library. In order to make all library users comfortable in the library, we expect a high standard of behavior from everyone who enters the library and participates in children’s programming. All children attending library programs must fill out our Children’s Program Attendance Behavior Agreement, which can be completed online or at the library.

For all youth under the age of 12, you must be actively participating in a library program. Otherwise, to be at the library you must be accompanied by an adult or sibling older than 12 who is acting in a babysitting capacity. Older siblings must stay with any child under 12 that they are caring for while at the library.

  1. You are responsible for your behavior during a library program. You are expected to listen, follow instructions, and participate fully to the best of your ability. Asking for help or asking questions about the activities is encouraged.
  2. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their messes. If you make a mess at a library program, you will be expected to clean up after yourself.
  3. Keep your voice at indoor, library levels. Speak respectfully to others at all times. Crude language is not acceptable.
  4. This is not a gym, a playground, or your house. Roughhousing during most programs is not acceptable. We do not want anyone to get hurt or anything to get broken.

It is our job to uphold these and other library rules. Please know that breaking these rules may result in your removal from a library program. If this happens, your parents will be contacted to pick you up from the library program.

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