Strategic Plan


Vision: “Connecting people with possibilities.”

Mission: To nourish, sustain, and improve the quality of life in our community  


Goal 1: Align library efforts/services with community goals and needs

1.1. Objective: Develop/carry out STEAM initiative in 2016

1.2. Objective: Expand literacy initiatives

1.3.Objective:  Expand/improve summer reading

1.4.Objective: Determine and meet community needs in the library

1.5. Objective: Cultivate a culture of library/community involvement to work on mutually beneficial projects.

1.5.a. Task: Participate outside of the local community

1.5.b. Task: Connect with and be active in community projects(Park)

1.5.c. Task: Develop partnerships


Goal 2: Improve access to information by providing resources and educating users

2.1.Objective: Stay current with technology in the library

2.2.Objective: Improve use of physical space

2.3.Objective: Maximize use of media lab

2.4.Objective: Sustain garden education opportunities

2.5 Objective: Expand methods of delivery outside of library (year 2)

2.6 Objective: Expand teaching/programming opportunities

2.7 Objective: Database Awareness

2.8 Objective: Expand collection of unique circulating items

2.9 Objective: Develop new marketing and social media plan including youth-orientation


Goal 3: Plan for the long-term health of the library

3.1 Objective: Find more efficient ways to do business

3.2 Objective: Ensure the safety of the citizens in the community at the library

3.3 Objective: Prepare a Long Term Budget Plan

3.4 Objective: Partner with other libraries to maximize library benefits

3.5 Objective: Create a collection development plan to better align our collection with community needs

3.6 Objective: Investigate new revenue sources

3.7 Objective: Become more skilled at measuring outcomes rather than counting activities and checkouts.


Goal 4: Plan for facility growth to meet future services and collection needs

4.1 Objective: Determine library/community needs by developing a needsstatement.

4.2 Objective:  Identify stakeholders

4.3 Objective:  Determine associated costs and funding


Approved by the Board of Trustees April 2016

Shelley Walchak, Director