Art Display

Tom McBride 

Come enjoy the secret treasures of the Paria Plateau through Tom's natural light film photography!


I love to immerse myself in these photographs as they move me to think about our times on the Paria Plateau. Friends, human and furry, drinking in this special place. So many memories are flooding over me. Nights are so dark and the stars are so close. The days are filled with new adventures and special camaraderie. All of us bathing in the love of this special place. I see all of us flowing over the landscape peering everywhere for our next surprise. I’ll be switching out my pieces throughout the course of the show to highlight all the wonders of this special place.


Artist Reception:
Wednesday, July 18
5:30-6:30 PM

For more information call the library at (970) 884-2222, ext. 510.