Making Organic Compost at Home

With Tom Bartles.

This workshop will cover the details on various composting methods Tom uses in use in his own gardens to increase yields and make his job easier. He will also go over several techniques to grow worms that work well, no matter where you live. You will discover:

  • How to design your gardens to collect organic matter that will eventually turn into rich compost.  This starts with training humans in the household.

  • How to design and install the best compost system for your particular situation.

  • How the Soil Food Web is the main engine that drives everything. Your job is just to increase its diversity. Then everything else works better.

  • How to choose bulk compost from a supplier if you don't have the room or inclination to make your own.




Hi. I’m Tom Bartels and I’m an organic gardener living in Durango Colorado.

I guess I’m not just a gardener. I’ve really taken it into my life to the point that I could be considered an obsessive gardener. Or more politely, I have a deep interest in optimizing the skills required for domestic horticulture. I love to grow food, and I’ve found some pretty creative ways to grow it organically without having to throw every minute of my summer at it. And I enjoy sharing the infection with other backyard food gardeners.

I’ve been using a mixture of bio-intensive methods since 2001 in my home garden in the high desert climate of Southwest Colorado. We’re at 6500 feet elevation with about a 120 day frost free growing season on a lucky year. My garden is about 1200 square feet. I use compost bins, worm bins, laying hens and several time-saving methods that add efficiency to the whole system.



2018-04-21 13:00 to 14:30


  • Adults


  • Community Room A
  • Community Room B
  • Garden