Islam: What You Need to Know

More than one fifth of the world’s population follows Islam, which is the world’s fastest growing
religion. This presentation gives an overview of the religion’s history, evolution, and common
practices and discusses some of the most controversial aspects, including Islamic law,
extremism, the role of women, and jihad.


Presenter Bio:

Dennis Aronson, Ph.D., retired as senior instructional designer for the California Commission on
Peace Officer Standards and Training. He lived and worked for eight years in the Middle East --
Afghanistan (as a Peace Corps Volunteer); Saudi Arabia; and Lebanon. He taught at the
American University of Beirut and the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies. He has given
presentations on different aspects of Islam to numerous groups, including the Life-Long
Learning program at Fort Lewis College in Durango.


2019-03-06 18:00 to 19:30


  • Adults


  • Community Room A
  • Community Room B