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 Can’t We All Just Get Along?

September 9

The Defiant Ones (1958)

Engrossing story of two escaped convicts--one black, one white--shackled together as they flee from police in the South. 

Starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier, the film would be nominated for 9 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for both Curtis and Poitier. 

Supporting players are Oscar nominated Theodore Bikel and Cara Williams, with Charles McGraw and Lon Chaney, Jr. 


September 16

Gentleman’s Agreement (1947)

Sincere Oscar-winning adaptation of Laura Z. Hobson's novel of a writer pretending to be Jewish, discovering rampant anti-Semitism.

All-star cast headed by Gregory Peck, with Dorothy McGuire, John Garfield, Celeste Holm, Anne Revere, June Havoc, Albert Dekker, Jane Wyatt, Dean Stockwell, and Sam Jaffe.

Director Elia Kazan and Celeste Holm would win Academy Awards.


September 23

No Way Out  (1950)

Violent tale of racial hatred involving a bigoted petty thief who has gangster pals avenge his brother's death by creating race riots.

Directed by 4-time Oscar winner Joseph L. Mankiewicz and starring Richard Widmark, Linda Darnell, and Stephen McNally. Making their big screen debuts are Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee, and Ossie Davis.

WARNING: This once-groundbreaking film is still razor sharp, and tense, filled with outstanding performances. That noted, even though released in 1950, there is extremely STRONG anti-racial language used numerous times in the film.


September 30 

West Side Story (1961)

A 20th century retelling of the ill-fated romance of Romeo and Juliet with New York tenement dwelling youths replacing 16th century Shakespearian characters. Throw in singing and dancing gang members wielding chains and switchblades and what’s not to like?

Somehow, this motion picture would walk away with 10 Oscars including Best Picture, Director, Writing and two Best Supporting Acting wins.


Horses and Hitchcock!

October 7

Gunman’s Walk (1958)

This movie approaches so many themes, many of which are still being debated today. Race, class, indulgent parenting, and father/son rivalry. 

One-time teen idol, Tab Hunter, plays against type as the ruthless son of a rancher (Van Heflin) hellbent on getting out from under the thumb of his father.

Without question, Hunter’s finest work on screen and the film that should have propelled him to greater roles.


October 14

Comanche Station (1960)

Famed western director Budd Boetticher and Randolph Scott team up for their last of 8 films together. 

Scott rescues a woman from Indian capture, only to run into an old nemesis who wants to turn her in himself--for a fat reward.

Screen heavies Claude Akins and Skip Homeier are after the reward for damsel in distress, Nancy Gates.


October 21

3:10 to Yuma (1957)

Extremely suspenseful Western, and one of the best of the 1950s. A farmer (Van Heflin), in need of money, agrees to hold a captured outlaw (Glenn Ford) until the train arrives, but the outlaw starts to get under the famers skin.

Gripping every step of the way, with memorable theme sung by Frankie Laine.

Second film based on a story from Elmore Leonard. During his lengthy writing career, Leonard would write over 30 stories that would be made into films and almost 100 TV episodes.


October 28

The Wrong Man (1956)

“The Master of Suspense” presents the ultimate story of mistaken identity.

Screen legend Henry Fonda makes his only appearance in a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, playing a musician falsely accused of a neighborhood crime.

Shot on location in New York and based on a true story, the film also stars Vera Miles making her 2nd of 5th Hitchcock features. This film also is the only Hitchcock one in which his cameo appearance is heard, rather than seen!



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