Community Room A

Beginning Acting Workshop

If you've ever been interested in stage acting, come take a creative leap and join our Beginning Acting Workshop where the goal is to learn the basics, have fun, and make new friends. 

Workshop participants will play group games, use puppets and storytelling exercises to

*Access their creativity

*Develop a flexible body and voice

*Stretch their performance comfort zone

* Explore character development


Preparing for Wildfire

Wildfire Adapted Partnership (WAP) is a non-profit organization that assists homeowners in reducing wildfire risk to their lives, homes, and property.  Charlie Landsman, La Plata County Coordinator for WAP, will speak about steps that every homeowner should take to reduce wildfire risk around their property.  He will cover topics ranging from structure hardening to forest management practices.  He will also speak about resources available to help homeowners complete mitigation projects.



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