2018 Bayfield Tour de Farms

Saturday, August 18

8:00 AM-12 PM

Come join us for a morning of farm-filled wonder!  Visit some of the local vegetable growers in our region. Whether you are hoping to set up your own market farm, would like gardening tips to enhance your own vegetable garden, or are just interested in learning more about how food is grown locally, this tour offers a chance to see and celebrate local farms. This van tour benefits the Pine River Garden club and tickets are $25. Check-in is 7:30 a.m. at Pine River Library, where the tour starts and ends.

Farm Descriptions

Homegrown Farm, owned and operated by Mike and Emily Jensen, grows three acres of vegetables on their 12 acre homestead.They offer them for sale at farmers markets in Bayfield and Durango and to wholesale accounts throughout the region. They will share their market operation with you on this tour.

De Goats n Sheep Ranch is a 16 acre ranch operating at 7800 feet.  In order to operate at this altitude with a shorter growing season, Linda and Jim Smith use a variety of greenhouse structures in order to have fresh vegetables beginning in late May. They can share many tips on various types of greenhouses and how to extend the garden season.

All Seasons Farm, a 40 acre farm on County Road 509, grows a variety of veggies from asparagus to zucchini. They also have products from their bees, and this year have added pasture raised poultry to their market list. Gabe and the crew will be happy to show how they manage various aspects of their wide variety of products.

Andrew Trujillo’s Back Yard Garden, is a one half acre piece of property that he is slowly converting to grow more backyard vegetables, fruits and herbs. Andrew’s inspiration comes from permaculture and homesteading.  There is a mix of different garden beds, from traditional in the ground, raised beds, even a few hugelkultar beds and an 18’ grow dome.


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