Connecting Community

2020 Health Initiative

It’s a New Year and a New Decade! What are your hopes for this year?

Rather than make big goals and resolutions that last no longer than our holiday leftovers how about trying a different approach?

Research tells us that willpower is seriously overrated when it comes to changing our behaviors (which is lucky because we don’t appear to have any!)  So what really helps?

  • Collecting reliable information
  • Leaning tangible tools and tricks that work for you
  • Connecting with a social support network
  • Making tiny changes today (as opposed to big changes tomorrow!)

This year your library hopes to help connect you with information, opportunities, and neighbors, so you can help create a community sharing struggles and achievements as we work together towards a happier, healthier, 2020.

Get connected with these resources:

  • Check out our list of helpful databases and websites that give accurate health information and research.

  • Join our Facebook group, where you can connect with others who would like to work towards a Happier Healthier 2020.