How to Get a Library Card

Residents of Colorado and persons who go to school or work in Colorado who are 18 years old qualify for one free library card with proper identification.  Special cards, such as those issued to educators, staff, and temporary residents are governed by procedures set forth in this policy.

To apply for a library card, adults aged 18 or older must present proof of address and a valid, current identification form such as:

Colorado driver's license
United States or foreign passport
Alien registration card
School identification card
Voter's registration card
Birth certificate
Tribal ID card

If a current address is not listed on the identification, acceptable documents to verify an address are:

Parent's library card for juvenile registration
Utility bill (phone, electric, water, gas, etc.)
Mail with a recent postmark (within 30 days)
Vehicle registration or insurance card
Personal checks imprinted with address
Rent receipts or leases with address
Paycheck or paystub
Voter registration card

Other forms of identification may also be acceptable at the discretion of library staff.

A parent or guardian must be present at the library to approve a library card for youth aged 17 and under. The parent or guardian must approve the checkout of audiovisual materials for minors.

Library cards are renewed every year. Valid identification and current proof of address must be presented when renewing library cards.

Borrowers must present a valid library card or photo ID when checking out materials. Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on time and other charges are imposed for the loss or damage/mutilation of library materials. Parents or guardians are financially responsible for all materials borrowed on the cards of youth aged 17 and under. Borrowers are responsible for reporting any changes in their account information within 30 days. The borrower may choose who has access to his or her library card, e.g. a family member or friend. This applies to checking out materials, picking up materials on hold, and paying outstanding fines. (This must be noted on the borrower’s account.) Library card holders remain responsible for all items checked out on their account.

The Library is in compliance with federal and state laws including the Colorado Confidentiality Law, which states, in part: 24-90-119. Privacy of user records. “…a publicly-supported library shall not disclose any record or other information that identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific materials or service or as otherwise having used the library.”

It is the borrower’s responsibility to report a lost or stolen card to Pine River Public Library immediately. A police report is required when a patron claims materials were checked out on their card and stolen. A new library card will be issued for lost, damaged or stolen cards.  All charges or loans attached to the lost card will be transferred to the new card. Special circumstances may require help from the Director or supervisor in charge.

A total of fifteen circulating items may be on a borrower’s record at any given time. Loan periods depend upon the type of material being loaned; borrowers should note the due dates on the receipt provided at checkout (see “Loan Periods” below). The Library upholds the circulation policy and loan periods for items owned by other libraries although they may differ from the loan periods of Pine River Public Library. Most PRL materials are renewable, provided there are no reservation requests pending and the patron has not accumulated more than $10.00 in fines and/or fees on the account.

Once library materials are overdue, the cardholder's account will be blocked until the items are renewed or returned. The Library will accept payment for lost or damaged materials and fees associated with materials owned by other libraries. The Library cannot waive any fines or fees associated with materials owned by other libraries. If a patron later finds an item after it has been paid for, PRL will not issue refunds.

The Library does not charge overdue fines for circulating materials except for computers or gadgets such as iPads. Patrons will receive two overdue notices by email. After 45 days, the library uses a collection agency to collect fines. In the event that a borrower believes that an item was returned on time, the borrower should contact the library to ask staff to check the shelf for the item. If the item is not found after a shelf check, it is the sole discretion of the library director or a supervisor to grant or deny CLAIMS RETURNED status for the item.

ADULT Adult (18 + years of age) living or working in Colorado: 15 items
JUVENILE Individuals 17 or under, living in Colorado -or- currently enrolled students of a school or college in Colorado:15 items

Books, audiobooks and music: 21 days
New books, audiobooks: 14 days
E-Readers (Kindles, Nooks, etc.): 21 days
MP3 Players: 21 days
Flash drives: 21 days
Laptops: 14 days
DVDs: 7 days
GPS units: 7 days
Tablets (iPad, etc.): 7 days

Books, audiobooks and music: Replacement fee - Retail cost
New books, audiobooks and music: Replacement fee - Retail cost
E-Readers (Kindles, Nooks, etc.): $3 per day fine. Replacement fee:Retail cost
MP3 Players: $1 per day fine. Replacement fee:Retail cost
Flash drives: Replacement fee:Retail cost
DVDs: Replacement fee: Retail cost
GPS units: $1 per day fine. Replacement fee:Retail cost
Laptops: $5 per day fine. Replacement fee:Retail cost
Tablets (iPad, etc.): $5 per day fine. Replacement fee:Retail cost

*Patrons cannot purchase replacement items for lost purchases.